The price of a massage session varies depending on the chosen masseuse and is 150,  200 or 250 lei / hour.

The price of each masseuse and the services offered can be found in “MASSEUSE PHOTOS”


HAPPY HOURS 14: 00-18: 00 – 20% discount

From monday to friday, between 14:00 and 16:00, for any paid service over 250 lei you get a 20% discount from the final cost.

If you are on a short brake from work or if you are just between the roads you can take a relax brake with a 20% discount.

All the services you like, assisted shower, relaxing massage, body sensual massage and erotic massage with two happyend-ings made by erotic massage techniques will be performed by top masseuse in a central but also discret villa on 8th Prepelitei street.


25% discount for groups of 4 friends


25 % Discount: All groups of 4 friends receive a 25% discount from the total price.

*The offer is valid regardless of the time and day.

*The offer is valid also for multiple of 4 clients. 

Before or after walking in the club, before a night in the city, or for no particular reason, you can make a visit and we offer you a 25% discount.

We guarantee that it will be a time spent together that will generate memories that will not be forgotten too soon.


Erotic Massage with two happy-endings


The erotic massage incorporates various massage techniques. All erotic. This type of massage focuses on sensual movement, making sure you can relax completely and stop your usual routine.

A warm infusion of pure natural oil enters your pores as masseuse removes physical stress and tension. Explore the sensations that flow through the center of your body and make you enter into a deep relaxation area.

It allows you to experience the power of touch and feel pampered by a beautiful, nude masseuse.

During the massage session, you can have two finalizations, both are performed by special massage techniques with the clavicle, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs and hands of the masseuse.


Double Massage – with two masseuses

Double massage with two masseuses is an opportunity to experience a range of sensations that were previously inaccessible.

It is not surprising that the true lovers of this massage called them “royal”.

Our beautiful masseuses act simultaneously in sensitive areas.

At the same time, the brain produces a maximum dose of endorphins, which have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The vast majority of customers are loaded with energy and desire.

So this type of massage is also recommended for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. This type of massage is recommended even to women who want to reveal and unblock their sexuality and to know their hidden desires.


Erotic Massage for Couples

Thai Passion’s couple massage is one of the best experiences we can offer to partners who want to experience a tantric and erotic experience in the same room as their partner.

Sharing an erotic massage with your partner is a chance to relax, experience and improve your relationship and level of intimacy.

Thai Passion’s masseuses are experts in erotic massage for couples and will respect your limitations.

For you there is a chance to learn how to caress, touch, act on the partner’s sensitive points.

Experience will be pleasant, natural and memorable.


Erotic Lady Massage (Yony Massage)

Yoni massage is a type of erotic massage offered exclusively to ladies.

The Yoni massage base is the combination of light touch and comfort, with a special focus on erogenous areas – which we know are many and more sensitive to women than to men.

Yoni massage covers the entire body with fragrant massage oil.

There are various massage oils produced specifically for Yoni, all made and carefully selected for an incredible experience.

This type of massage can also cover intimate areas, but its purpose is not to awaken sexual desire but to provide an extraordinary massage experience.


BDSM Massage

A lot of men like the dominant women. Strong and confident women increase respect and esteem, which often causes sexual arousal.

So, why do not listen to their orders and enjoy some moments of submission?

Thai Passion salon offer a wide range of services for dominant women’s fans. Our masseuses will help you bring your fantasies to life.

You can beg for mercy, but your mistress will not stop and will give you the punishment you deserve. You can choose, for example, a strict policewoman, a naughty nurse, Red Riding Hood or a stewardess.

Thai Passion masseuse can play any role. So do not be afraid to tell us your secret desires and we will do our best to fulfill them.



General facts about erotic massage


Art shapes our way of thinking, how we make decisions, how we act on them, how we laugh, how we relax, so we can enjoy through it everything that is beautiful.

This aspect demonstrates that art reflects the human need to create beauty for himself and thus contributes to the useful time passing. The universe is huge, art is everywhere: fine art, decorative art, cuisine, dance, film, kama sutra… but not all of us have the talent or the call for these, because each one of us is different, and that is why our talent underlies the art of the erotic massage Bucharest parlors.

Erotic massage Bucharest parlor “Thai Passion” was created by merging passion and magic originated from the Thai massage.

Erotic massage Bucharest parlor “Thai Passion” was born in Thailand where Asian art considered Eros (Eros = god of love) as the most important element of our existence, and especially of the creation. We worship eroticism in art and so we founded this erotic massage Bucharest parlors kingdom. So it wasn’t enough to master this secret, we had to exploit the Thai temples to bring a touch of Asian culture in our kingdom.

The rooms are built in columns, three downstairs and two upstairs, rectangular interiors, all having sculptures, engravings and paintings specific to the Asian culture. The colors present are burgundy, purple, green and gold. Another important room is the reception which represents the entire center of the kingdom. All the rooms have a single purpose: to boost all your senses so you would reach the highest point of erotic massage in Bucharest parlors.

The artists who will paint on your bodies will provide a delightful view due to their sensual bodies. Every time they will give all of their attention and respect for “patient”, offering an unique experience every single time. “Thai” in Thai language means “free” as in independent, a fine quality that defines us and allowed us to exist for so long. We explore the hot universe of passion without taking into account the limits of reason.

We simply challenge the inner senses of each of us. We expect you to know your own energy and to feel and enjoy the thrill of our little artists in the erotic massage Bucharest parlors.

Tender whispers, hot caresses, nudity, sensuality… moments of pleasure… all in a mansion shrouded in passion, where you can find the most mysterious ladies willing to catch you in their nets from where you will definitely not want to escape.

The erotic massage Bucharest parlors are communication without words, a mirage of exotic touches and smells. It will give you a good mood and vigor and with the help of a skilled masseuse you will enter in a world of sensuality and eroticism.

A massage session is beneficial for every man and couple. The erotic massage is one of the most popular methods of recovery, both physical and mental.