Art shapes our way of thinking, how we make decisions, how we act on them, how we laugh, how we relax, so we can enjoy through it everything that is beautiful. This aspect demonstrates that art reflects the human need to create beauty for himself and thus contributes to the useful time passing. The universe is huge, art is everywhere: fine art, decorative art, cuisine, dance, film, kama sutra... but not all of us have the talent or the call for these, because each one of us is different, and that is why our talent underlies the art of the erotic massage Bucharest parlors.

"Thai Passion" was created by merging passion and magic originated from the Thai massage. This type of massage was born in Thailand where Asian art considered Eros (Eros = god of love) as the most important element of our existence, and especially of the creation. We worship eroticism in art and so we founded this erotic massage Bucharest parlors kingdom. So it wasn�t enough to master this secret, we had to exploit the Thai temples to bring a touch of Asian culture in our kingdom.

The rooms are built in columns, three downstairs and two upstairs, rectangular interiors, all having sculptures, engravings and paintings specific to the Asian culture. The colors present are burgundy, purple, green and gold. Another important room is the reception which represents the entire center of the kingdom. All the rooms have a single purpose: to boost all your senses so you would reach the highest point of erotic massage in Bucharest parlors.

The artists who will paint on your bodies will provide a delightful view due to their sensual bodies. Every time they will give all of their attention and respect for "patient", offering an unique experience every single time.

"Thai" in Thai language means "free" as in �independent�, a fine quality that defines us and allowed us to exist for so long. We explore the hot universe of passion without taking into account the limits of reason. We simply challenge the inner senses of each of us. We expect you to know your own energy and to feel and enjoy the thrill of our little artists in the erotic massage Bucharest parlors.

Erotic Massage Bucharest

About this type of massage

9. Dominating Massage
Sadism, masochism, bondage ... If you have an idea what it means, we encourage the idea to try. Here are some techniques of soft dominance: role play costumes that belong to fetishes, sadomasochistic practices and bondage. Many men have the fetish of latex, mini skirts, underwear and high heel shoes. Depending on the role, you can use objects that causes pain, tingling, pressure on a certain area of ??the body. Some roles involve binding partner. Or if you prefer the naughty schoolgirl costume, a cop, a doctor, nurse, guard, ladies can dress up according to your desires. We guarantee a high level of excitement if you will let the lady to blindfold you. Let her slap you. Try and see if you like it! The sensation is unique! Deep penetration is a sadomasochistic practice of causing pleasure through deep penetration pain. Such pleasure from pain is possible in the missionary position, wheelbarrow position, positions where you stand in her back and especially during anal sex. Also, although it does not cause pain but rather the feeling of suffocation deepthroat is possible during oral sex. Give it a try? Remember that you deserve to experience new sensations and ladies will stop anytime you want.
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